Table 1.

Description of human cancer cell phenotype and cell culture medium

Name of cellsPhenotype descriptionCell culture medium
PANC-1Human pancreatic carcinomaDMEM/10% FBS
BXPC3Human pancreatic adenocarcinomaRPMI 1640/10% FBS/NaP
MiaPacaHuman pancreatic adenocarcinomaDMEM/10% FBS/2% equine serum
MDA 231Breast cancerDMEM/10% FBS
SUM 149Breast cancerF12/5% FBS/HEPES/insulin/hydrocortisone
CaCO2Colon carcinomaRPMI 1640/10% FBS
DOD-1Colon carcinomaRPMI 1640/10% FBS
HCT 116Colon carcinomaRPMI 1640/10% FBS
HT 29Colon carcinomaRPMI 1640/10% FBS
LIS-174tColon carcinomaMEM/10% FBS/NaP/NEAA
BROHuman melanomaMEM/10% FBS/NaP
SCC-9Oral squamous cell carcinomaDMEM/10% FBS
CAL27Oral squamous cell carcinomaDMEM/10% FBS
MCF-7Breast cancerMEM/10% FBS/insulin/hydrocortisone/EGF

Abbreviations: NaP, sodium pyruvate; FBS, fetal bovine serum; NEAA, nonessential amino acids; EGF, epidermal growth factor.