Table 1.

Randomized trials of HAI for unresectable liver metastases

StudyArmsnResponses (CR+PR)Median OS (months)
Kemeny et al. (26)HAI FUDR4850%*17
IV FUDR5120%12
Chang et al. (25)HAI FUDR3262%*17
IV FUDR3217%12
Hohn et al. (27)HAI FUDR6742%*16.5
IV FUDR7610%15.8
Wagman et al. (29)HAI FUDR3155%*13.8
IV 5-FU1020%11.6
Martin et al. (28)HAI FUDR3948%12.6
IV 5-FU/LV3512%10.5
Rougier et al. (30)HAI FUDR8144%*15
IV 5-FU or BSC829%11
Allen-Mersh et al. (31)HAI FUDR5113.5*
IV 5-FU or BSC497.5
Lorenz et al. (32)HAI FUDR5443%*12.7
HAI 5-FU/LV5745%*18.7
IV 5-FU/LV5720%17.6
Kerr et al. (33)HAI FU/LV14522%14.7
IV 5-FU/LV14519%14.8
Kemeny et al. (34)HAI FUDR/Dex6848%*24*
IV 5-FU/LV6725%20

NOTE: Overall survival (OS) calculations are based on intention to treat.

Abbreviations: CR, complete response; PR, partial response.

  • *Statistically significant difference (P < 0.05) compared with control group.

  • Responses in this trial were calculated at a single time point (12 wk) in 77 HAI and 108 control patients.