Table 1.

TS polymorphisms

TSER 2/R/3R repeat [5′-UTR (rs45445694)]38–67%*28-bp repeat (2R, 3R)
3R allele = 4-fold ↑ TS mRNA
TSER 3R G/C SNP [5′-UTR (rs45445694)]37–56%*C allele = ↓ USF-1 binding within the 2nd repeat of 3R
C allele = ↓ transcriptional activity of TS
TS 1494del6b [3′-UTR (rs16430)]27–29%−6bp deletion = ↓ stability of TS mRNA
+6bp insertion = ↑ stability of TS mRNA
  • *Allelic frequency varies by ethnicity.