Table 1.

A771726 exerts synergistic activity against myeloma cells when combined with common and new anti-myeloma agents

  • NOTE: Data obtained from the experiments shown in Fig. 6 were analyzed using the Calcusyn software to show additive/synergistic effects. In this experiment, NCI-H929 cells were preincubated with/without 50 or 100 μmol/L A771726 for 1 h. After the incubation period, 300 nmol/L doxorubicin, 5 μmol/L melphalan, 2 nmol/L bortezomib, 30 μmol/L treosulfan, or 5 μmol/L dexamethasone was added to the culture and cells were given to 96-well plates. After the incubation period for 48 h, cell growth was determined by the WST-1 assay. Values obtained from the NCI-H929 cell line were analyzed. CI = 1.1 to 0.9 indicates additive effects, whereas CI < 0.9 indicates synergism.