Table 3.

Enriched GO pathways at each carboplatin treatment concentration in YRI

PhenotypesGO categoryEnrichmentCountsP
10 μmol/LCCIntegral to plasma membrane60.037
CCIntegral to membrane110.042
20 μmol/LBPPositive regulation of T-cell proliferation20.034
BPCellular physiologic process310.038
BPPositive regulation of lymphocyte proliferation20.043
BPCeramide metabolism20.047
40 μmol/LBPOrgan morphogenesis40.007
BPOrgan development50.013
BPCell communication110.022
BPSignal transduction100.037
80 μmol/LBPT-cell activation30.013
BPRegulation of apoptosis60.013
BPNegative regulation of cellular physiologic process80.014
BPNegative regulation of physiologic process80.016
BPCell communication180.017
BPSignal transduction170.018
BPNegative regulation of apoptosis40.020
BPNegative regulation of cellular process80.022
BPIntracellular signaling cascade100.024
BPCell death70.023
BPNegative regulation of biological process80.031
BPFructose metabolism20.040
BPLymphocyte activation30.043
  • NOTE: BP, CC, and MF are the three categories of GO, meaning biological process, cellular component, and molecular function, respectively.