Table 2.

KD5170 is a potent inhibitor of HDAC activity cell-based assays

CompoundHistone H3, EC50 ± SE (μmol/L)α-Tubulin, EC50 ± SE (μmol/L)
KD51700.025 μmol/L (±0.004; n = 20)0.325 μmol/L (±0.1; n = 6)
  • NOTE: Cellular HDAC inhibitory activity in HeLa cells was assessed in a 384-well cytoblot using an antibody that recognizes acetylated histone H3 or acetylated α-tubulin. Cells were fixed and stained after a 7-h incubation with compound under standard HeLa cell culture conditions. Values shown represent a compilation of multiple independent experiments, as indicated (Materials and Methods).