Table 1.

Antigen 14C5 expression on human colon cancer tissues

Ag 14C5 expression*
1Rectum CA+/−NA
2Colon CA+NA
3Colon CA+++NA
4Rectum CA++NA
5Rectum CA+++/−NA
6Rectum CA+NA
7Colon CA+++NA
8Rectum CA++NA
9Colon CA+NA
10Rectum CA++++NA
11Colon CA++++
12Rectum CA+++NA
13Rectum CA (Fig. 3A)+++++NA
14Colon CA+
15Rectum CA+NA
16Colon CA++NA
17Colon CA++++/++NA
18Colon CA (Fig. 3B)++++/++NA
19Recto-sigmoid CA++NA
20Colon CA+NA
  • NOTE: +/−, weak positive; +, positive; ++, strong positive; +++, very strong positive; −, negative.

  • Abbreviations: NA, not available; CA, carcinoma.

  • * Results show scoring of cryosections evaluated both with mAb 14C5 and P1F6.