Table 1.

Derived hCG expressing cell lines

Parent lineDerived lineNotes
MDA231 (human breast)MDA231.hCGneoLung and kidney metastasis observed after i.v. injection
231H2N (Her2+ve)231H2N. hCGSpontaneous metastasis to liver, lung, and bone
H2N. hCGH2N.hCG.met1Spontaneous metastasis to brain, lung, bone and kidney
HT29 (human colon)HT29.hCG (10, 11) HT-GFP.hCGMetastatic after i.v. injection in SCID mice but poorly metastatic in nude mice
PC3 (human prostate)PC3.hCGneo (10, 13) PC3.hCGneo.VEGF
EMT-6 (mouse breast)EMT-6. hCGHighly metastatic after i.v. injection but poorly metastatic from orthotopic primary tumors
B16F1 (mouse melanoma)B16F1. hCGRefer to above EMT-6.hCG notes
  • NOTE: Numbers in parentheses refer to the relevant references.