Table 2.

Top GSEA pathways associated with cisplatin and docetaxel resistance in lung cancer cell lines with a nominal P < 0.05 (common pathways shaded)

Cisplatin resistance pathwaysNo. genes/setNominal PDocetaxel resistance pathwaysNo. genes/setNominal P
SA Programmed Cell Death250.002MAP00020 Citrate Cycle TCA Cycle270
Bcl-2 Family and Regulatory Network510.002FMLP Pathway780.003
SIG BCR Signaling Pathway950.007GCR Pathway420.006
Ceramide Pathway350.008AHSP Pathway220.008
Fatty Acid Metabolism440.01RAS Pathway420.009
MAP00410 β-Alanine Metabolism270.02ST GAQ Pathway480.009
MAP00193 ATP Synthesis300.02PTC1 Pathway160.01
MAP03070 Type III Secretion System300.02ETC Pathway110.01
MAP00195 Photosynthesis310.02MAP00632 Benzoate Degradation100.01
PEPI Pathway110.03ROS130.02
TC Apoptosis Pathway200.03FA480.03
MAP00190 Oxidative Phosphorylation710.03MALATEX Pathway130.03
HL60 ATRA BEN1980.03Chemical Pathway440.03
AKT Pathway370.04NDK Dynamin Pathway480.04
IL10 Pathway190.04CREM Pathway180.04
T Cytotoxic Pathway230.04SA Programmed Cell Death250.04
Mitochondria Pathway340.04ST GA13 Pathway700.05
SIG IL4 Receptor in B Lymphocytes530.04MAP00062 Fatty Acid Biosynthesis Path 2110.05
Arginine C Pathway120.04BAD Pathway450.05
CTL Pathway240.04AKT Pathway370.05
HSP27 Pathway290.04
SA FAS Signaling270.04
Fatty Acid Degradation510.05