Table 1.

Pharmacokinetic parameters for 4-OH-CPA

Mouse strainXenograftDetection methodCD7 (μg/mL)CD56 (μg/mL)AUC0→1344 (h × μg/mL)Cmax (μg/mL)Tmax (h)Css (μg/mL)t1/2 D7 (h)t1/2 D56 (h)
Harlan nu/nuPC-3GC/MS*0.0140.01324.20.083240.0461.3491.739
NIH Swiss nu/nuPC-3GC/MS*0.0200.01344.60.332240.1482.2101.751
Harlan nu/nuLC/MS/MS0.067 ± 0.038
Harlan nu/nuPC-3LC/MS/MS0.034 ± 0.008
C.B-17 SCID113/6-4LLC/MS/MS0.023
  • Abbreviations: CD7, concentration after 7 d of treatment; CD56, concentration after 56 d of treatment; AUC0→1344, area under the curve from time 0 to 1,344 h; Cmax, maximal concentration; Tmax, time of Cmax; Css, steady-state concentration (according to Takimoto et al. (30); t1/2 D7, elimination half-life after 7 d of treatment; t1/2 D56, elimination half-life after 56 d of treatment; SCID, severe combined immunodeficient.

  • * Pooled blood sample from five to six mice per time point.

  • Four to five blood samples from individual mice per time point, results expressed as mean ± SD.

  • Pooled blood from eight mice.