Table 2.

Effect of Polyphenon E in the prevention of MNU-induced mammary cancers

GroupCarcinogen*TreatmentMammary adenocarcinomas
Percent incidenceNumber/ratAverage of weight cancers (g)
1MNUPolyphenon E, 1,000 mg/kg BW/d874.2 (14%↓)§6.2 (30%↓)
2MNUPolyphenon E, 333 mg/kg BW/d934.2 (14%↓)7.0 (21%↓)
3MNUNo treatment1004.98.9
  • * Female Sprague-Dawley rats received MNU at 50 d of age (n = 15 rats per group).

  • Chemopreventive agents were administered beginning when the rats were 55 d of age.

  • Data on mammary cancers were obtained at necropsy of the rats (126 d after MNU).

  • § Numbers in parentheses are percentage decreases from control group (group 3).