Table 1.

Intracellular matrix and extracellular secreted and matrix components of prognostic significance in the DR of PDA

ECM proteinFunctional roleReference
Collagens I, III, IVAngiogenesis, invasion, and metastasis(11, 41, 69)
DecorinMatrix assembly(41)
VersicanMatrix remodeling(41)
TIMP-1Matrix degradation and cell proliferation(41)
Fascin*Actin bundling motility protein(44, 45)
FibronectinAngiogenesis, invasion, and metastasis(68)
Osteonectin/SPARCRegulate cell growth and shape(44, 46)
MMP-2, 11Binds integrin αVβ5 and ECM degradation(44)
Apolipoprotein C-1, DUnknown in ECM biology(44)
α2-macroglobulinProtease inhibitor and cytokine transporter(44)
α-Smooth muscle actin*Cell motility(69)
Desmin*Intermediate filament(69)
LamininBinds integrins and angiogenesis(69)
BiglycanBinds collagen and transfers TGFβ1(70)
  • Abbreviation: TIMP, tissue inhibitors of MMP.

  • * Intracellular matrix.