Table 1.

Dynamic range of cytotoxicity assays

Type of assayDynamic rangeRef.
Clonogenic assay in semisolid medium3 logs(2, 3, 47)
Dye exclusion assay (trypan blue)2 logs(46)
MTT colorimetric assay2 logs(1113, 48)
Sulforhodamine-B colorimetric assay2 logs*(14)
WST-1 + neutral red + crystal violet assay2 logs*(49)
ATP cell viability assay2 logs*(5052)
ChemoSelect test (cytosensor microphysiometer)2 logs*(53)
Differentiated staining cytotoxicity assay2 logs*(54, 55)
Collagen gel–embedded culture and image analysis2 logs*(56, 57)
[3H]uridine assay2-3 logs(10)
Fluorometric microculture cytotoxicity assay2-3 logs(5860)
Flow cytometric quantification of fluorescein diacetate/propidium iodide viable cell number4 logs(15)
DIMSCAN assay4-5 logs
  • * When a linear scale was used for data presentation rather than a common log scale, the dynamic range was assessed as no greater than 2 logs.