Table 2.

Summary data on gene and protein identifier matching and construction of the consensus transcript expression set

CategorycDNA chip (Clone ID)HU6800 (Affymetrix ID)HG-U95A (Affymetrix ID)HG-U133A (Affymetrix ID)RPLA (Antibodies)
1Total no. mRNA or protein features9,7066,81012,38622,283162
2No. unique locuslink identifiers7,1905,5628,97813,03294
No. features from each microarray in comparison with RPLA
3No. microarrays used to compare = all 46262626262 (49 genes)
4No. microarrays used to compare = any 31858727474 (29 genes)
5No. microarrays used to compare = any 211371518 (11 genes)
6No. microarrays used to compare = any 1156 (3 genes)
7No. features on RPLA matched in 0 microarrays2 (2 genes)
8No. features that match if only one gene expression array is chosen (rows 3,4,5, and 6)92123141156
9Total no. features matched in more than two gene expression microarrays (rows 3, 4, and 5)91 (63 genes)123 (72 genes)141 (82 genes)151 (88 genes)154 (89 genes)
10Percentage genes contributed to consensus mRNA set8%12%39%41%