Table 1.

Overview of the transcript and protein data sets

Data setDescriptionNo. feature sets or clones (genes)Reference
mRNA expression
    cDNA microarrayPin-spotted cDNA array9,706 Clones (7,190 genes)(15, 16)
    Affymetrix HU6800In situ synthesized oligonucleotide array6,800 Feature sets (5,562 genes)(20, 21)
    Affymetrix HG-U95AIn situ synthesized oligonucleotide array (5 chips)∼12,000 Feature sets (8,978 genes)This publication
    Affymetrix HG-U133AIn situ synthesized oligonucleotide array (2 chips)∼22,000 Feature sets (13,032 genes)This publication
    mRNA consensus setConsensus of the four individual platforms (see Materials and Methods)See Materials and Methods (75 genes)This publication
Protein expression
    RPLA640 Cell lysate spots in 10 dilutions (2-fold) for each of the 60 cell lines plus controls consisting of a pool of all 60162 Antibodies (94 proteins)This publication for much of the data(4)