Table 1.

Summary of published cassette dosing studies

StudySpeciesCompound classCassette sizeDose (mg/kg)*Route
Berman et al., 1997 (37)Dogα1a Receptor antagonists5Not disclosedi.v.
McLoughlin et al., 1997 (67)DogNot disclosed100.5–1i.v. and p.o.
Olah et al., 1997 (68)Rat and dogNot disclosed10–121p.o.
Allen et al., 1998 (69)RatNot disclosed51p.o.
Shaffer et al., 1999 (70)Dogα1a Receptor antagonists5–220.25–0.3i.v.
Gao et al., 1998 (71)Rat and dogNot disclosed20.5i.v. and p.o.
Frick et al., 1998 (39)Dogα1a Receptor antagonists12–22, 90Not disclosedi.v.
Bayliss and Frick, 1999 (38)MouseNot disclosed3, 9, 27, 891–3 (total)i.v.
Rano et al., 2000 (72)DogIndinavir derivatives200.5p.o.
Tamvakopoulos et al., 2000 (45)RatNot disclosed41i.v.
Wu et al., 2000 (73)DogNot disclosed140.5i.v.
Rajanikanth and Gupta, 2001 (74)RatAryloxy-substituted aryl-piperazinyls33i.v.
Zeng et al., 2002 (75)DogNot disclosed100.5i.v.
Hasegawa et al., 2002 (76)RatN-myristoltransferase inhibitors52i.v.
Macdonald et al., 2002 (77)DogPyrrolidine trans-lactams82i.v.
Andrews et al., 2003 (78)DogPyrrolidine trans-lactams60.2i.v.
Ohkawa et al., 2003 (79)Mouse and ratNot disclosed2–70.5 and 1i.v.
Mallis et al., 2003 (80)RatPhytoestrogens53s.c. and p.o.
Zhang et al., 2004 (46)RatNot disclosed3–43i.p.
Tong et al., 2004 (81)RatVLA-4 antagonists41–2i.v. and p.o.
Raynaud et al., 2004 (47)Mouse2,6,9-Trisubstitued purines620 (total)i.v.
Smith et al., 2004 (49)MouseGeldanamycin derivatives55i.v.
Sadagopan et al., 2005 (82)RatNot disclosed41 and 5i.v. and p.o.
Jia et al., 2005 (83)MouseEthambutol derivatives33–25i.v., i.p., and p.o.
Janser et el., 2006 (84)RatTACE/MMP inhibitors51 and 3i.v. and p.o.
Smith et al., 2006 (48)MouseDiarylpyrazole resorcinols54i.v. and p.o.
  • Abbreviations: TACE, tumor necrosis factor–α-converting enzyme; MMP, matrix metalloproteinase.

  • * Per compound unless otherwise indicated.