Table 1.

Effects of Livin overexpression and knockdown

MethodIsoformCell lineEffectRef.
Full lengthMCF7Inhibited doxorubicin-induced cell deathVucic et al. (8)
Full length293Increased etoposide-induced cell deathLin et al. (9)
Full length293Inhibited menadione-induced cell apoptosisLin et al. (9)
Fragment 52-238293TInduced apoptosisNachmias et al. (19)
Livin αJurkatInhibited staurosporine, TNF, and CD95-induced cell deathAshhab et al. (28)
Livin βJurkatInhibited etoposide, TNF, and CD95-induced cell deathAshhab et al. (28)
    AntisenseFull lengthHeLaDecreased viabilityKasof et al. (10)
    siRNAFull lengthHeLaSensitized to doxorubicin, UV, and TNFCrnkovic-Mertens et al. (38)
    AntisenseFull lengthG361Decreased viabilityKasof et al. (10)
    siRNAFull lengthMeVoDecreased colony formationCrnkovic-Metens et al. (38)
    siRNALivin βHeLaDecreased clonogenic growth, sensitized to etoposide and TNFCrnkovic-Metens et al. (29)
    siRNALivin αHeLaNo effectCrnkovic-Metens et al. (29)
  • Abbreviations: siRNA, small interfering RNA; TNF, tumor necrosis factor.