Table 1.

p97 expression and sensitivity to L49-vcMMAF in melanoma and normal cells

L49 sites/cell* (×103)L235 sites/cell* (×103)L49-vcMMAF (IC50, ng/mL)
Melanoma cell lines
Normal human cells
    Neonatal melanocytes64662,100
    Aortic smooth muscle20nd>10,000
    Uterine MVEC6.96.98,700
    Neonatal dermal MVEC4.95.2>10,000
    Uterine smooth muscle4.3nd>10,000
    Pulmonary EC3.63.1>10,000
    Lung MVEC1.52.64,400
    Adult dermal MVEC0.95nd>10,000
    Aortic endothelial cells0.90.9>10,000
  • NOTE: The sensitivity of the cells and cell lines to L49-vcMMAF is shown as IC50 values in in vitro cytotoxicity assays.

  • Abbreviations: EC, endothelial cells; MVEC, microvascular endothelial cells; nd, not determined.

  • * The number of L49 and L235 binding sites per cell was estimated by quantitative FACS.

  • Both p97-positive and p97-negative populations of cells were observed by FACS analysis for these cell lines; thus, the sites per cell were estimated for the antigen-positive cells.