Table 1.

Expression levels and in vitro activation status of SU11248 target RTKs in cancer cell lines

Cell lineTumor typeSU11248 Target RTK
C6Glioma (rat)High, constitutively activated*LowNoNo
U118MGGlioblastomaHigh, constitutively activatedModerateHigh, constitutively activatedNo
LN-18GlioblastomaHigh, constitutively activatedLowNoNo
786-ORenalHigh, constitutively activatedModerateNoNo
H226LungHigh, constitutively activatedModerateLowNo
MV4;11LeukemiaNoNoVery lowHigh, constitutively activated through ITD mutation
  • NOTE: Cells were grown in 10% fetal bovine serum to ∼90% confluency and Western blot analyses were done as described in Materials and Methods. Data for MV4;11 cells are adapted from ref. 19.

  • * Constitutively activated; RTK is considered constitutively activated if its phosphorylation was detected after incubation of cells under low-serum conditions in the absence of ligand.