Table 2.

Molecular determinants of clinical outcome in pancreatic cancer

DeterminantCorrelation with clinical outcomeRationale
AktP < 0.01 between p-Akt low expression and longer OSAkt has antiapoptotic activity and favors angiogenesis and cancer invasiveness.
Tissue factorP < 0.0001 between tissue factor low expression level and longer OSTissue factor expression correlates with invasiveness and angiogenesis.
mdm2P < 0.05 between mdm2 expression and shorter OSThe mdm2 oncogene product affects normal p53 function.
S100A6P = 0.003 between high nuclear S100A6 expression and shorter OSS100A6 may be involved in promoting cancer growth, invasiveness, and metastasis.
EGFRP = 0.02 between EGFR cytosolic overexpression and shorter OSEGFR is involved in mitogenic signaling pathways.
BaxP < 0.05 between Bax detection and longer OSBax gene is a promoter of apoptosis.