Table 1.

In vivo effects of vitamin D analogues in animal models of cancer

Tumor, modelAnalogueDoseEffectHypercalcemiaRef.
    N-methyl-N′-nitrosourea inducedEB10891 μg/kg p.o.Tumor suppressionMarked(71)
Ro24-55311.25 and 2.5 nmol/kg dietReduced tumor incidenceNone(78)
1α(OH)D558.4 and 116.8 nmol/kg diet*Reduced tumor incidenceNone(79)
    MCF-7 xenografts22-Oxa-1α,25(OH)2D31.0 μg/kg p.o.Tumor suppressionNone(73)
TX52280 μg/kg/2 d i.p.Tumor suppressionNone(77)
TX52725 μg/kg/2 d i.p.Tumor suppressionMarked(77)
    MDA-MB-231 xenograftsEB108914 pmol/L/24 h, infusionInhibited skeletal metastasisNone(72)
    LNCaP xenograftsEB10890.5 μg/kg i.p.Tumor suppressionNone(81)
EB10891 μg/kg p.o.Tumor suppressionMild(86)
LG1901193 and 10 mg/kg p.o.Tumor suppressionNone(86)
LG19011910 mg/kg p.o.Reduced tumor incidenceNone(86)
    PC-3 xenograftsRo23-75531.6 μg/animal i.p.Tumor suppressionNone(84)
    MAT LyLu tumors in ratsEB10890.5 and 1.0 μg/kg i.p.Inhibited lung metastasisMarked(82)
    MDA-PCa 2b xenograftsJK-1626-24 μg/kg s.c.Inhibited metastatic bone lesionsNone(83)
    1,2-Dimethylhydrazine induced22-Oxa-1α,25(OH)2D330 μg/kg i.p.Reduced aberrant crypt fociNone(91)
Ro25-53173.5 nmol/kg dietReduced tumor incidenceNone(88)
Ro25-90223.0 and 3.5 nmol/kg dietReduced tumor incidenceNone(88)
    Azoxymethane inducedRo24-55312.5 nmol/kg dietReduced tumor incidenceNone(89)
1α(OH)D558.4 nmol/kg dietReduced aberrant crypt fociNone(79)
    LoVo xenograftsEB10890.1 and 0.5 μg/kg p.o.Tumor suppressionNone(87)
    HT-29 xenograftsRo25-67600.1 and 0.2 μg/animal i.pTumor suppressionNone(90)
    MC-26 xenograftsRO-43835610.02 μg E i.p.Reduced tumor growthNone(92)
  • * 1α(OH)D5 58.4 and 116.8 nmol/kg diet = 25 and 50 μg/kg diet.

  • 22-Oxa-1α,25(OH)2D3 30 μg/kg i.p. = 72.5 nmol/kg i.p.