Table 2.

BN82685 inhibits the growth of human cell lines

Human cell linesBN82685 IC50 (nmol/L)
Hydrochloride saltBenzoate salt
Human diploid fibroblastsIMR-901,000ND
Cervix carcinomaHeLa350ND
Pancreas CancerMia PaCa-2118185
Hormone-resistant prostate cancerDU-14590115
Hormone-sensitive prostate cancerLNCaPND358
Hormone-sensitive breast cancerMCF-7245ND
Hormone-resistant breast cancerMDA-MB231380ND
Hormone-resistant breast cancerBT20265ND
Hormone-sensitive breast cancerT47D565ND
GlioblastomaU-87 MGND263
Small cell lung carcinomaNCI-H69ND161
Lung carcinomaA-427ND258
Colon adenocarcinomaHT-29ND397
Colon adenocarcinomaCaco-2ND196
Primary colon tumorSW480ND138
Metastasis from SW480SW620ND150
Melanoma metastasisA2058ND134
  • NOTE: Growth inhibition of the indicated cell lines for the hydrochloride and benzoate salts was assayed using the WST1 cell proliferation assay. The IC50 (in nanomolar) values reported were calculated from at least two independent experiments with eight determinations per concentration tested. ND, not determined.