Table 2.

Antitumor activity of PX-866 in combination with gefitinib

Treatment and routeDose (mg/kg)ScheduleTumor T/C %PX-866 4 h before gefitinib, tumor T/C %
Gefitinib orally75QOD × 1450.8
PX-866 i.v.4QOD × 1465.320.5
PX-866 i.v.9QOD × 1431.522.3
PX-866 orally1QOD × 1454.840.8
PX-866 orally2.5QOD × 1440.818.1
  • NOTE: Female SCID mice were implanted s.c. in the flank with 107 A-549 human NSCLC cells. Tumors were allowed to grow to a mean volume of 100 mm3 before drug treatment was started every other day for 14 doses. Antitumor activity is expressed as the % volume of the treated tumor T/C % at the end of the dosing period. There were eight mice in each group and all differences are P < 0.01.

    Abbreviation: T/C, tumor/control.