Table 3.

Average dynamic distances (Å) between selected Abl kinase domain residues and imatinib

Average dynamic distanceWTT315I
C-51 of L248–C-3 atom of imatinib pyridine ring3.613.75
C-3 of A269–N-3 of imatinib pyrimidine ring3.503.25
C-41 of V256–C-6 of imatinib pyrimidine ring4.063.82
C-3 of F382–C-6 of imatinib pyrimidine ring2.963.38
C-3 of K271–C-7 of imatinib toluene ring3.663.22
N-δ of R362–C-7 of imatinib piperazinyl ring4.183.33