Table 3.

Fold change of genes in LNCaP cells exposed to combination treatment or mono-treatment with docetaxel or estramustine

Docetaxel + Estramustine
Cell proliferation and apoptosis
    NM_001255 CDC20 (cell division cycle 20)−1.9−90.5−147−1.4−1.7−3NC−1.2−2.3
    NM_001237 cyclin A2 (CCNA2)−1.2−5.7−12.1NC−1.4−2.5NC−1.5−2.1
    D55716 cdc47−1.2−5.3−5.3−1.3−1.4−2−1.1−1.5−2
    NM_016426 G2 and S phase expressed 1 (GTSE1)−1.1−4.9−8.6NC−1.3−2−1.1−1.2−2.1
    NM_005030 polo (Drosophila)-like kinase (PLK)−1.4−5.3−5.3NC−1.3−2.1NC−1.1−2
    NM_001168 survivin−1.1−27.9−294.1NC−1.2−2.3NC−1.1−2.3
    NM_001924 growth arrest and DNA-damage-inducible, (GADD45A)
    NM_014454 p53 regulated PA26 nuclear protein (PA26)
Transcription factor and other
    NM_021953 forkhead box M1 (FOXM1)−1.2−13.9−42.2−1.3−1.5−2.3−1.1−1.3−2.3
    NM_014264 serinethreonine kinase 18 (STK18)−1.4−8.6−16−1.1−1.3−2.3−1.1−1.3−2
    NM_003158 serinethreonine kinase 6 (STK6)−1.7−11.3−9.8−1.1−1.6−2.3NC−1.1−2
    NM_001647 apolipoprotein D (APOD)−
    NM_001147 angiopoietin 2 (ANGPT2)
    AF187858 angiopoietin-2 isoform-1NC2.64.3NCNC3.0−1.63.518.4
    AF270487 androgen-regulated serine protease TMPRSS2 precursorNC1.72.0NC1.72.1−
    NM_001070 tubulin, 1 (TUBG1)−1.1−4.6−3.2−1.1−1.2−2.5NC−1.3−2
  • NOTE: The genes in this list have a >2-fold change in expression in at least one time point in both mono- and combination treatment (P < 0.05); NC, no change; negative values, decrease; positive values, increase.