Table 2.

Genes regulated in expression by curcumin

DescriptionsFold decrease
Homo sapiens mRNA for frizzled-18
H. sapiens forkhead protein FREAC-2 mRNA5.7
HUMMKK4A H. sapiens MKK4 mRNA4.3
Human APC gene mRNA4.3
Human fibroblast growth factor receptor (K-sam) mRNA4.3
Human tumor necrosis factor–related apoptosis inducing ligand mRNA3.7
Human epidermal growth factor receptor (HER3) mRNA3.5
Human Ets transcription factors NERF-1a and NERF-1b (NERF-1a,b) mRNA3.2
H. sapiens tumor necrosis factor receptor-1 associated protein mRNA3
Nuclear transcription factor Y, α (CCAAT-Binding transcription factor subunit B, CBF-B)2.8
H. sapiens adenyl cyclase type IX mRNA2.6
H. sapiens transcription factor SL1 mRNA2.5
Human transcription factor ERF-1 mRNA2.5
Human α-5 collagen type IV (COL4A5) mRNA2.3
H. sapiens mRNA for phosphoinositide 3-kinase/cds2.3
Human transcription factor E2F-5 mRNA2.1
Human protein tyrosine phosphatase 1E (PTP1E) mRNA2.1
H. sapiens mad protein homologue (hMAD-3) mRNA2.1
H. sapiens MEKK4 (MTK1) mRNA2
  • NOTE: Total RNA was extracted from MDA-1986 squamous cell carcinoma cells treated with or without 50 μmol/L curcumin for 8 hours. Gene expression profiling was performed using the HGU95Av2 array (Affymetrix). Genes decreased in their expression >2-fold are indicated together with the respective fold change.