Table 5.

Hallmarks of cancer for PTCL-NOS: PTCL-NOS vs peripheral blood T cells and lymph node

Gene nameFold ΔFunctions
    IGFBP7107IGF-I-binding protein
    SH2D1A120Src homology-2 domain protein 1a
    TCIRG154Seven-transmembrane spanning vacuolar proton pump protein
    HGF23Hepatocyte growth factor
Tumor suppressors
    RARRES3128Retinoic acid receptor response gene 3
    GAS158Growth arrest specific 1
    CDKN1A20Cyclin-dependent protein kinase inhibitor
Invasion and metastasis
    COL1A176Collagen, ECM
    FN1107Fibronectin, ECM
    CCL2102Chemokine ligand 2, inflammation
Unlimited replication
    CTGF103Connective tissue growth factor
    CYR6172Cysteine-rich protein of CCN family
    NEK257Serine/threonine kinase related to mitotic regulator NIMA
    VEGF84Vascular endothelial growth factor
    PDGFR-A26Platelet-derived growth factor receptor
    CSF1R19Colony-stimulating factor receptor 1
    PDGFR-B18Platelet-derived growth factor receptor
    CD1488Lipopolysaccharide receptor, glycosylphosphatidylinisotol anchor
    NF-κB44Transcription factor
    FLI1109Cell cycle progressor
    MAFB80Musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma, basic leucine zipper transcription factor
    SPI129Transcription factor
    STK616Aurora kinase, cell cycle regulator
    MET7Hepatocyte growth factor receptor