Table 3.

Regulators of PRL expression

PRL expression regulatorsObserved inRef.
        Early growth response-1Rat liver and rat H35 cells(31)
        Interleukin-15T Lymphocytes (human)(52)
        Pax3 (mouse)Medulloblastoma derived DAOY cell line(53)
        p53HCT 116 colon carcinoma cell line(28)
        TetrodotoxinHuman glial cells(54)
        CamptothecinPolymorphonuclear leukocytes (human)(55)
        Follicle-stimulating hormoneRat Sertoli cells(56)
        ErythropoietinErythroleukemic SKT6 cells(57)
        Progesterone receptor AT47D breast cancer cell line(58)
        Progesterone receptor BT47D breast cancer cell line(58)
        CamptothecinPolymorphonuclear leukocytes (human)(55)
        Anti-Fas antibodyPolymorphonuclear leukocytes (human)(55)
        p53H1299 non–small cell lung cancer(29)
        p73H1299 non–small cell lung cancer(29)
        DenervationMouse skeletal muscle(59)
        H2O2CSIAN S3.G2 fibroblast(60)