Table 2.

IC50 docetaxel at 24- and 48-hour chronic treatment, and at 48-hour treatment followed by 24-hour incubation in drug-free medium

Cell lineIC50, 24 hours (95% confidence interval)IC50, 48 hours (95% confidence interval)IC50, 48 + 24 hours (95% confidence interval)
MCF-10A3.25e−8 (1.10e−8 to 9.66e−8)2.24e−8 (1.02e−8 to 4.93e−8)1.97e−8 (1.49e−8 to 2.63e−8)
MCF-73.87e−7 (8.69e−8 to 1.72e−6)8.34e−8 (1.03e−8 to 6.73e−7)1.47e−8 (2.53e−9 to 8.52e−8)
MDA-mb-2319.28e−8 (1.63e−9 to 5.28e−6)5.12e−8 (3.25e−8 to 8.07e−8)5.00e−8 (3.43e−8 to 7.29e−8)