Table 2.

The effect of PGE2 and PGE2 analogues on rodent intestinal tumorigenesis

ModelPGE2 AnalogueEP Receptor ActivityWeekly Dose* (μg)Duration (wk)% Untreated Tumor NumberChange in Tumor Size
ApcMin/+ mouse (63)dmPGE2 + 17-phenyl-trinor-PGE2EP2–EP4180183
EP1, EP3180
ApcMin/+ mouse (65)dmPGE2EP2–EP40.037∼50
Rat azoxymethane-induced colon carcinogenesis (64)PGE2EP1–EP410025280
  • * All dosings were by i.p. injection apart from the study by Hansen-Petrik et al. (63), in which 10 μg of each analogue were given by daily gavage.

  • 6 days.

  • PGE2 β-cyclodextrin clathrate.