Table 3.

Metabolites of PX-866 in plasma and bile

RoutePX-866 (Rt = 10.1 min)1 (Rt = 11.5 min)2 (Rt = 5.5 min)4 (Rt = 4.9 min)6 (Rt = 7.4 min)7 (Rt = 7.7 min)
i.v. plasma23.701.62NDND3.110.24
p.o. plasma0.300.06NDND0.280.55
  • NOTE: PX-866 was administered at 10 mg/kg by either i.v. or p.o. route to male C57BL/6 mice. Plasma and bile were collected at up to 120 minutes, and metabolites were measured by LC/mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry. Values are the AUC for plasma in min μg/mL and bile in min μg.