Table 1.

Aminoflavone sensitivity and covalent binding in selected breast and prostate human tumor cell lines

GI50* (nmol/L)TGI (nmol/L)LC50 (nmol/L)Covalent Binding§ (dpm/μg Protein)
MCF- ± 1.7
AHR1006005,000>5,00086.8 ± 8.3
MDA-MB-43510,000>10,000>10,0001.2 ± 0.2
PC-3>10,000>10,000>10,00037.1 ± 3.6
  • * GI50, drug concentration that produces a 50% inhibition of cell growth relative to control.

  • TGI, drug concentration that produces no cell growth during the treatment period.

  • LC50, drug concentration that results in 50% reduction in the cellular protein content during the content period relative to control.

  • § Values represent mean ± SD for three separate experiments.