Table 2.

Inhibition of thymidine incorporation into DNA in human tumor cell lines treated with PD 0332991

Cell lineCell typeRb statusIC50 (μmol/L)*
MDA-MB-435Breast carcinomaPositive0.16
ZR-75-1Breast carcinomaPositive0.17
T-47DBreast carcinomaPositive0.04
MCF-7Breast carcinomaPositive0.10
H1299Lung carcinomaPositive0.12
Colo-205Colon carcinomaPositive0.13
MDA-MB-468Breast carcinomaNegative>3
H2009Lung carcinomaNegative>3
CRRF-CEMAcute lymphoblastic leukemiaPositive0.25
K562Chronic myelogenous leukemiaPositive0.40
  • * Concentration of PD 0332991 necessary to inhibit cell proliferation by 50%. Mean of at least two separate determinations.