Table 2

Effect of iNOS inhibitors in animal cancer studies

Target species (carcinogen/tumor)AgentaResultsiNOS effect on neoplasia (↑/↓)bRef. no.
 Rat (AOM)cSC-51↑Colonic ACF formation8
 Rat (AOM)PBIT↑Colonic ACF formation9
 Rat (AOM)AG↑Colonic ACF formation8
 Mouse (Apcmin+/−)AGNE Small intestine adenoma formationNE16
 Mouse (Apcmin+/−; high-fat diet)PBIT↑Colonic adenocarcinoma formation; slightly but significantly ↑ intestinal tumors18
 Mouse (iNOS-expressing human colon tumor xenografts)1400W↑Growth10
 Mouse (colon adenocarcinomas with major iNOS source  intratumoral macrophages)1400WNE GrowthNE10
 Mouse (iNOS-expressing adenocarcinoma)1400W↑Growth10
  • a See text for iNOS selectivity.

  • b iNOS expression has promoting (↑) or inhibitory (↓) effect on neoplasia.

  • c AOM, azoxymethane; NE, no effect.