Table 1

Properties of colcemid and vinblastine resistant cell lines

Cell lineTwo-dimensional gel change (new spot)Drug sensitivity
Tubulin assembly (% of total tubulin)
Wild-typeNo changeSaS39
Tax 5-6α1 Basic shiftRSS25 (P <0.01)b
Cmd4β1 Basic shiftSScRc50c
CV 1-1β1 Basic shiftSSR54 (P < 0.01)
CV 7-1β1 Lower molecular weightSR47 (P< 0.05)
CV 4-4β1 Acidic shiftSSR50 (P< 0.01)
CV 8-1No changeSSR48 (P <0.02)
CV 1-5α1 Acidic shiftSSR51 (P <0.01)
CV 2-8α1 Basic shiftSSR47 (P <0.02)
CV 2-3No changeSSR50 (P < 0.01)
VV 3-2α1 Acidic shiftSSR48 (P <0.01)
  • a S, same sensitivity as wild-type cells; R, 2-fold resistant; SS, 1.5–2-fold more sensitive.

  • b Significance determined by Student’s t test.

  • c These data were reported previously (20).