Table 1

66cl-4-GFP mammary cancer cell lung metastasis in Balb/c mice receiving liposomal α-TEA or liposome control by aerosol or no treatment

TreatmentsNo. of animals/group with visible lung macroscopic metastasesaNo. of visible lung macroscopic metastases/animal b
No Treatment4/103.25 ± 1.7
Aerosol/liposome control4/104.25 ± 0.5
Aerosol/liposomal α-TEA0/100
  • a Macroscopic metastases in all five lung lobes for each animal in all treatment groups were counted visually at the time of sacrifice.

  • b Data are expressed as the mean ± SD of visible lung macroscopic metastases observed in the four lung macroscopic metastases bearing animals in the two control groups.