Table 1.

Percentage change in parameters of centromere dynamics induced by the IC50s for mitotic block by VFL, VNB, and VBL in U2OS cells as compared with untreated cells

Parameter18 nm VFL, % change5 nm VNB, % change5 nm VBL, % change
Mean separation distance5.97.4−4.4
Maximal separation distance−4.3−1.1−27.7
Minimal separation distance133030
Stretching rate−9.13221
Relaxing rate−32−24−41
Stretching duration−19−15−11
Relaxing duration−8.3−1.7−5.0
% Time stretching−29−29−19
% Time relaxing−29−18−14
% Time paused635236
Transition frequency−25−14−27