Table 1

Half-life time of cysteine PAI-1 mutations

ProteinDecay constant (kobs)Half-life time (h)
wa PAI−0.44281.57
helix-D β-sheet tb PAI-1−0.29672.34
helix-D PAI-1−0.031522.00
helix-D β-sheet t PAI-1−0.010963.59
helix-D β-sheet b PAI-1−0.007691.20
β-sheet tb PAI-1−0.0049141.46
β-sheet b PAI-1−0.0035198.04
β-sheet t PAI-1−0.00016931.47b
  • a w, wild type; t, top; b, bottom.

  • b This is the calculated value; we carried out measurements of activity for 700 h.