Table 7

The growth-suppressive (cytostatic) screening results of HAFP-derived peptide (P149) for multiple types of human tumor cell cultures

Human tissue of originCell line designationTumor tissue typeaConcentration range (m)% Inhibition Growth response
ColonKM-12AC10−5 to 10−775Suppression
HCC-299AC10−5, 10−780Suppression
Colo-205AC10−510Slight suppression
HCT-116AC10−5 to 10−775Suppression
OvaryOVCAR-3AC10−5 to 10−780Suppression
SK-OV-3AC10−5 to 10−760Suppression
IGROV1AC10−5 to 10−775Suppression
OVCAR-4AC10−5 to 10−785Suppression
BreastMCF-7AC10−5 to 10−780Suppression
MDA-MB-231AC10−7 only80Suppression
MDA-MB-435AC10−5 to 10−770Suppression
BT-549AC10−6 to 10−725–40Moderate suppression
T-47DAC10−525Slight suppression
ProstatePC-3AC10−6 to 10−780Suppression
DU-145AC10−5 to 10−790Suppression
Non-small cell lungHOP-62CA10−5 to 10−775Suppression
NCI-H226CA10−55–10Slight suppression
NCI-H460CA10−5 to 10−780Suppression
MelanomaUACC-62Epithelial10−4 to 10−780Suppression
SK-MeL-28Squamous10−4 to 10−735Mild suppression
SK-MeL-5Squamous10−510Slight suppression
SK-MeL-2Squamous10−5 to 10−750–75Moderate suppression
UACC-257Squamous10−5 to 10−775–80Suppression
Central nervous systemSF-295CA10−5 to 10−780Suppression
SF-539CA10−515–20Slight suppression
U-251CA10−6 to 10−745Moderate suppression
SNB-75CA10−6 to 10−750Moderate suppression
KidneyTK-10Renal CA10−4 to 10−785Suppression
RXF-393Renal CA10−6 to 10−745–50Moderate suppression
A498Renal CA10−4 to 10−775Suppression
ACHNRenal CA10−7 to 10−780Suppression
CAK-1Renal CA10−5 to 10−750–75Moderate suppression
White blood cellK-562Leukemia10−745Moderate suppression
Molt-4LeukemiaNA10–15Slight suppression
SRLeukemia10−725Slight suppression
RPMI-8236Leukemia10−6 to 10−715–25Slight suppression
CCRF-CEMLeukemia10−55–10Slight suppression
HL60-TCLeukemia10−55–10Slight suppression
  • Note: National Cancer Institute Therapeutics Drug Screening Program used with permission. Cells were exposed to the peptide for 6 days, fixed, and stained with sulforhodamine-β. All cell lines were not dependent on estrogen for growth.

  • a AC, adenocarcinoma; CA, carcinoma.