Table 3

Comparison of secondary structure components of AFP-derived peptides with and without the addition of TFE

Peptide testedSecondary structure components (%)
Without TFE
C peptide10.633.427.127.0
A peptide9.233.528.028.0
G peptide9.634.027.527.9
S peptide10.334.127.529.1
HA peptide9.035.0NDND
Addition of 25% TFE
C peptide27.420.431.519.7
A peptide32.814.827.324.8
G peptide22.522.526.827.3
Addition of 50% TFE
C peptide31.717.629.020.7
A peptide38.413.728.819.3
G peptide27.118.729.823.9
  • Note the increase of α-helix and decrease of β-sheet component following TFE treatment.

    Note: C peptide, cysteines intact; A peptide, cysteines replaced by alanines; G peptide, cysteines mutated to glycines; S peptide, cysteines mutated to serines; HA peptide, histidines replaced by alanines. Data were obtained from Refs. (45, 46).