Table 1

Matching of amino acid region 445–480 of HAFP with conserved amino acid sequences of HSP-related factors

ProteinAmino acid sequence no.aAmino acid sequence% Identity/similarity% Total
HAFP 149445–480L S E D K L L A C G E G A A D I I I G H L C I R H E M T P V N P G V100/0100
Subfragments of P149∣←P149a→∣←P149b→∣←P149c→∣
Rattine HSP-701335–1347I F F S P L L D C G E G50/1565
Pea (Pisum sativum) HSP-70552–558A X E E G X S Q E C I G K L C I Q H E50/2878
Petunia (Petunia hybrida) HSP-70533–550A E E E G G S X E C I G E L C L Q H E50/2272
Clover (Trifolium repens) HSP-7022–39A Q E E G X S K E L I G E L C L Q H E50/1464
Tobacco (Oryza sativa) HSP-70455–471V D E E K S G X E L I G E L C L Q H E50/1464
Yeast calmodulin77,300–77,311E L V N R I G Q L C I R L K44/044
Human calrecticulin1535–1547I Q S I I V G H L G W F Q X38/1553
Murine protein disulfide isomerase130–131T A D G I V S H L K K Q A G36/2157
Human calcitonin1535–1547R K F G S T L L I C I R H S28/1442
O. sativa UDP-glucose glycosyltransferase335–353N K K G K L M X M M T P P S P G M42/3577
  • Note: The amino acid sequence of the GIP (amino acids 445–480) has been matched to HSP and associated factors derived from the GenBank, Swiss Prot, and PIR databases using GCG software employing FASTA sequence comparison (44). The FASTA program employs a Z-score statistical algorithm to demonstrate identity/similarity between amino acid sequences. For comparison between short peptide sequences (<40 amino acid), a word score of 1–2 is employed with a default limit set at 2.0 and above. With the word score set, an E-value of 1–10 is considered significant. The 34-mer GIP has been divided into three fragments based on the original chemical synthesis of P149; these are denoted P149a, P149b, and P149c. Note that the majority of matches involved P149b, with fewer for P149a and with P149c contributing few or none. Of particular interest are the GEG sequences, which appears as a variation with EEG in the various P149a matches and the GHL sequences that are compared with GKL, GHL, and GEL in the P149b matches.

  • a Genbank derived.