Table 4

Alterations in Δψm by the combination of rituximab and paclitaxel

Control% Alterations in Δψm
Rituximab (20 μg/ml)Paclitaxel (10 nm)Rituximab + paclitaxel
9.6 ± 2.811.7 ± 1.314.8 ± 2.953.8 ± 4.8
  • Note: The Ramos cells were treated under the same conditions explained in Table 1. After the incubation period, the cells were washed, stained with DiOC6(3) for 30 min at 37°C, and analyzed by flow cytometry. The samples were set up in duplicates and the results are presented as means ± SD of percentage of the cells with depolarized mitochondria (n = 2).