Table 3.

Note: The percentage of BrdUrd-incorporated cells in S phase greatly diminished in G3139-treated cells, whereas the percentage of S* (non-BrdUrd-incorporating cells) is significantly higher compared with the untreated and G4126-treated cells, demonstrating a block of entry of G3139-treated cells from G1 into S phase and in the progression of cells through S phase. Note that the difference in the number of S-phase (G3139-treated) cells that did not incorporate BrdUrd diminished relative to untreated and G4126-treated cells as a function of time after the pulse.

OligomersG1 (%)S (%)G2-M (%)S* (non-BrdUrd incorporating) (%)
Control, 0 h32.4042.7017.503.50
G4126, 0 h36.8031.1023.104.10
G3139, 0 h40.3018.8025.2011.00
Control, 4 h37.9037.2015.505.80
G4126, 4 h42.2029.1016.006.40
G3139, 4 h41.6022.2021.1010.30
Control, 8 h26.9038.9013.5017.30
G4126, 8 h29.9032.4015.5018.40
G3139, 8 h33.4022.1020.1019.60
Control, 20 h15.5048.4026.207.20
G4126, 20 h20.6039.5027.509.10
G3139, 20 h