Table 1

Immunotoxin therapy against experimental lung metastases produced by NCI-H226 NSCLC cells or PC14PE6 human adenocarcinoma cells in nude mice

Nude mice were injected i.v. with NCI-H226 (2.5 × 105) or PC14PE6 (1 × 106) cells on day 0 and treated with i.v. administration of PBS, anti-Tac(dsFv)-PE38 control immunotoxin (10 μg/0.2 ml/mouse), or SS1(dsFv)-PE38 antimesothelin immunotoxin (10 μg/0.2 ml/mouse) on days 7, 9, and 11. Mice injected with NCI-H226 cells were killed on day 51. Mice injected with PC14PE6 cells were killed on day 45. The results shown are representative from one of three independent experiments.

Cell lineTreatmentLung metastases
Lung weight (mg)
NCI-H226PBS control10/10>15068 to >150252208–317
Anti-Tac(dsFv)-PE3810/10>1508 to >150204190–264
PC14PE6PBS control10/106218–91551325–1015
  • a Number of mice with tumor/number of mice injected.

  • b P < 0.001 (Mann-Whitney U test).