Table 3.

Cytotoxicity of FTC analogues

Values are means of quadruplicate repeats. SDs in no case exceeded 25% of the means and have therefore been omitted for clarity. In an independent repetition of the experiments, only one result differed by >30% from the value shown; it is shown in parentheses. The origins and relevant properties of the cell lines are detailed in “Materials and Methods” and “Results.”

Cell lineTypeIC50m)
 2008/MRP1Transfected: high MRP117182620
 IGROV1Ovarian2622341.3 (0.65)
 IGROV1/T8Topotecan-selected: high BCRP2226271.0
Mouse fibroblast
 77.1/MDR1Transduced: high P-gp29212518
 MEF3.8/T6400Topotecan-selected: high Bcrp11211.5181.2