Table 3.

Transcriptional changes caused by sulfonamide antitumor agents

cRNA probes were prepared from drug-treated (at 8 μm for 12 h) and control HCT116-C9 cells. Up- and down-regulated genes were selected based on the following criteria of the Affymetrix software algorithm: (a) fold change, 3-fold or more alteration with at least one of the four test compounds; (b) differential call, I (increase) or D (decrease); (c) absence call, genes except for indicating A (absent) in both control and drug-treated cells; (d) genes satisfying all of (a)–(c) in the data set either before or after antibody amplification; (e) gene satisfying all of (a)–(d) in both data sets taken in duplicate. Fold change values for each test compound are presented. NC means “no change” for genes with <2-fold alteration.