Table 3

Genotype data for seven polymorphic sites in class I β-tubulin obtained for 93 representatives from seven continental regions

Continent (no. of individuals)Ethnicity (no.)Nucleotide position of polymorphismsaInferred haplotypes
Africa (n = 16)Pygmy (3)ACCGCGCHt1
Pygmy (3)ACTACTTHt6
Lissongo (2)WbCYbGCGCHt1 and Ht4
Lissongo (2)ACCGCGCHt1
San (1)WCYGCGCHt1 and Ht4
Ethiopian (2)ACCGCGCHt1
Sudanese (1)WCYGCGCHt1 and Ht4
West Asia (n = 9)Druze (2)ACCGCGCHt1
Sephardim (2)ACCGCGCHt1
Bedouin (2)ACCGCGCHt1
Palestinian (2)ACCGCGCHt1
Iranian (1)ACCGYGCHt1 and Ht3
Indian subcontinent (n = 12)Brushaski (1)WCYGCGCHt1 and Ht4
Brushaski (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Pathan (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Sindhi (2)ACCGCGCHt1
Makrani (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Hazara (1)WCYGCGCHt1 and Ht4
Tamil (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Pakistan (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Baluchi (1)WCYGCGCHt1 and Ht4
Kalash (1)ACYRbCKbYHt1 and Ht6
Brahui (1)ACCGCGCHt1
East Asia (n = 20)Cambodian (2)ACCGCGCHt1
CambodianWCTRCKYHt4 and Ht6
Japanese (3)ACCGCGCHt1
Japanese (1)ACYRCKYHt1 and Ht6
Han Chinese (4)ACCGCGCHt1
Han Chinese (1)WCTRCKYHt4 and Ht6
Han Chinese (1)ACYRCKYHt1 and Ht6
Han Chinese (2)WCYGCGCHt1 and Ht4
Laotian (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Korean (1)ACYRCKYHt1 and Ht6
Yakut (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Oceania (n = 8)New Guinean (1)WCYGCGCHt1 and Ht4
New Guinean (1)ACYGCKYHt1 and Ht5
Melanesian (1)ACYGCKYHt1 and Ht5
Melanesian (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Australian Aborigine (2)ACCGCGCHt1
Micronesian (1)ACTRCTTHt5 and Ht6
Samoan (1)ACCGCGCHt1
America (n = 10)Surui (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Colombian Indian (2)ACCGCGCHt1
Mayan (2)ACCGCGCHt1
Muskogee (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Navaho (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Quechua (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Karitiana (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Pima (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Europe (n = 18)German (2)ACCGCGCHt1
Italian (1)ACYRCKYHt1 and Ht6
Italian (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Ashkenazi (2)ACCGCGCHt1
Finn (2)ACCGCGCHt1
Georgian Republic (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Georgian Republic (1)AYCGCGCHt1 and Ht2
Dane (1)ACCGCGCHt1
Russian (1)ACCGCGCHt1
French (2)ACCGCGCHt1
Utah (2)ACCGCGCHt1
Amish (1)AYCGCGCHt1 and Ht2
Adygei (1)ACCGCGCHt1
  • a Nucleotide positions are given in relation to clone m40 (GenBank accession number J00314).

  • b IUB codes: K, G or T; R, A or G; W, A or T; Y, C or T.