Table 3.

In vivo efficacy of PRN1371 in patient-derived xenograft models

PDX nameTumor typeFGFR alterationTumor growth inhibition
LU0299Squamous NSCLCFGFR1 Amp + High Expr96.1%
LU1215Lung adenocarcinomaFGFR1 Amp + High Expr64.6%
LU2504Squamous NSCLCFGFR1 Amp + High Expr59.5%
LU1429Squamous NSCLCFGFR3 Amp + High Expr28.2%
LU6429Squamous NSCLCFGFR2 Amp67.5%
BN2289Anaplastic oligodendrogliomaFGFR3:TACC3 fusion100.3% (Regression −3%)
LI0155Liver (mixed liver, HCC, and adenocarcinoma of bile duct)FGFR2:CCDC6 fusion>100% (Regression −76%)
FGFR4 mutation
BR1115BreastFGFR2 Amp + High Expr; FGFR2:GAB2 fusion60.6%