Table 1

Characterization of the interactions between FP and bryostatin 1 or PMA in U937 cellsa

Dose (nm)P/FP CI valueB/FP CI value
0.5 /1000.900.93
1.0 /1000.670.78
10 /1000.620.73
20 /1000.520.70
50 /1000.480.70
  • a A nonconstant dose ratio design was used to assess interactions between varying concentrations of bryostatin (B) 1 or PMA (P) (0.5–50 nm each) and a fixed concentration of FP (100 nm) after a simultaneous 24-h drug exposure. At the end of the incubation period, the percentage of apoptotic cells was determined by examining Wright Giemsa-stained cytospin preparations. CI values were determined by median dose effect analysis as described in “Materials and Methods” (36). CI values < 1.0 correspond to synergistic drug interactions. Results are representative of more than or equal to three separate experiments.